A tech paradigm shift.

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    CWV combines Raft + DPoS algorithms to adopt a better technical
    framework, allowing users to vote for decisions according to
    the amount of CWV they own. Our platform structure ensures that CWV is the most secure and safest way to transact.

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    This is achieved by using HASHPOWER, with millisecond processing
    times and the capacity to handle millions of
    transactions.The decisive power of CWV and its incorporated
    technologies gives users the ultimate platform to construct their own
    projects, letting you decide how you want to interact.

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    One such example of this is Cryptoworld, CWVʼs 1:1 mapping of
    the real world virtual reality game gives players the opportunity to
    maximise their worth through player to player interactions, property
    ownership, and an exchange of goods and services.

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Neo Wang

Managing Partner

Neo Wang has over 14 years of experience in the Internet industry and is a well-known serial entrepreneur and angel investor who studied at the University of Muenster. Neo took part in the creation and service of domestic smart-wear, upgraded consumption equipment, electronic music website’s vertical search engine, a social networking platform, a group purchase website, and many more venture projects. Neo has contacts in the industries of mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things in China. Neo has also received much domestic and international multimedia and industry recognition and has been named as a young creator in 2013 and smart-wear expert in the US GLG Group.


Denis Kaizer


Denis is a Dapp’s Architect, Solidity expert with over the 7 years of experience in development. He is an early blockchain enthusiast, frequent public speaker and hackathon judge. Well known in international Solidity developers community, one of the leading persons in the russian blockchain community. Dan participated in developing smart-contracts and token economy concepts for a wide range of an international blockchain projects. He is also the author of scientific work "Decentralized Reputation Assessment System in Oracles Networks" (to be released in the summer). Notable hackathons experience includes: ETHWaterloo Canada 2017 by Ethereum Foundation Overall Winner, awarded by Vitalik Buterin and Storj; BlockchainHack Russia 2017​ awarded by Qtum.


Noah Zerkin

Principal Scientist

Noah Zerkin is a longtime technologist with a focus on embedded platforms, inertial sensors, spatial data representation and analysis, novel user interfaces, and ubiquitous computing systems. He has engineered massive behavioral lighting installations, invented patented virtual reality interface technology, designed and prototyped medical field research devices, and constructed flight simulators for NASA.


Alex He

Alex has over 15 years of software development and project management experience in delivering enterprise level applications. He is a full stack developer and architect with expertise in Linux, Oracle DB and modern web service frameworks. Alex is also a certified PMP. Alex earned a Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering and a Master degree of Computing from National University of Singapore.


Tim Harvie

Tim is a fully experienced marketing and management expert in international liason and business organization, with more than 3 years working experience in Asian Pacific market. He manages Bitcoin purchase and sales from 2016, and assists clients with Bitcoin transaction and trading in North America. Tim acts as a liaison between different departments focusing teams on business objectives and tracked progress to ensure project milestones were completed on time, on budget and with the desired results. He is good at planing and managing the development and production teams by analyzing functionality and new requirements to meet the need of customers' needs and desires from market information. Tim also collaborates with technology Head Department and directly contributed to design of mobile application features, scheduling and whole-project dependency analysis.

Early-Angel Investor


Hong Yu

Founder of seeU & QYGAME. Hong founder Quyou Technology Co.Ltd. In 2008, then he sold the company Qihoo 360 Technologywith ateansformation of SVP for the 360.He established successful investments in subsequently listed companies, such as Angel Entertainment (angle round)with amarket value of 19+ billion RMB currently and Wuxi Qiku Network reorganized with the listed Century Huatong Group


Roy Li

Famous expert ofsecurity and Internet of Things, founder of the Internet of Things operation system Ruff.io, master supervisor of Fudan University. Ruff.io is funder by the Geek founder and jointly invested by Greenwoods Capital and Hike Capital.


Jianguo Wei

The angel investor of Weidian, Meitu, Youxia Motors, XAirCraft, etc. He also participated in various famous blockchain projects, such as TRON, IOST, DTA, XMX and so on.


Grace Fan

Brink Asset CEO, Head of BD in Ruff. Grace is a serial entrepreneur in Internet industry with years of experience in product marketing and public promotion. Expert advisor in IoT blockchain, she is responsible in a number of IoT projects. Graduated from Business Administration Department of British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Tan Lin

VP of Ce Yuan Ventures, former CEO of Hooli Tech. Prior to Hooli Tech, Tan worked with Amazon and Google (Kifi). He graduated from Rose-Human Institute of Technology.


Ye Cheng

He’s a managing partner of the ConsensusCapital, and has invested in Uber, Changba, Finup Group and other enterprises.


Yuanyuan Li

Founder and CEO of Chainlinker. Yuanyuan commits to blockchain investment and incubation, integration of domestic and international high quality blockchain resources and exploration of blockchain applications.



Feng Wang

Wang Feng has over 20 years of experience in the Internet industry and is honored with “Fortune’s” "China's 50 Commercial Pioneers". He is the sponsor of Mars Finance, is the founder of Blueport Interactive Group (HK.8267), was the senior vice president in Kingsoft, and is a geek partner. An outstanding feat Wang participated in was that Mars Finance had only been online for 26 days, but had already received a round of financing with an estimated value of 150 million yuan. Wang Feng also created the column titled "Wang Feng's Ten Questions", a dialogue with Xue Manzi, Shuai Chu, Zeng Ming, Chen Weixing, Zhu Xiaohu and other industry leaders in early 2018.


Bo Jiang

Partner of Long Hill Capital. In 2012, he joined and served for New Enterprise Associates (NEA) as Executive Director in NEA’s China office for China investments. Prior to joining NEA, he worked with Alibaba Group and assumed important product and technology management roles: he founded the mobile payment team and led the development and launch of the first mobile payment product in China; prior to Alipay, he managed all of Yahoo’s China’s communiactions and community products. Bo earned an MBA with honors from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Palmer Scholar. He holds a master’s degree from Hongkong University of Science and Technology and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.


Wang Dou

Founder of JIC Capital, Inventor of blockchain robot. Technical geek, community operation expert. He has been the director of IBM, MOTOROLA, HP and Silicon Valley hi tech (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. for more than a decade. Providing lectures of Internet technology and digital currency in Canada, participating and investing in multiple digital currency projects.


Yan Li

Founder and CEO of the most famous media consortium – Wemedia, Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, a moving force of Beijing entrepreneur.


Huawei Kong

The member of China Zhi Gong party, senior engineer, the head of Shanghai branch of the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, partner of Starting Capitak. The chief scientist of Zhangjiang Science and Technology investment, VP of Dawning Information Information Co., Ltd., etc.HuaWei , an advisor of entrepreneurship in Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, initiated various initiatives, such as Italk Salon, IC Coffee, etc. He invested VeriSilicon, Qiniu,TangOptoelectronics, Raintree Scientific Instrumemts (Shanghai) Corporation, Heytz, etc., as the secterary-general of Shanghai Big Data Industrial Alliance.


Yang Gao Sunny

CEO of SegmentFault, founder of SegmentFault blockchain-technique community, the organizer of the most famous Chinese Hackathon, the only post-90s member of Hangzhou Youth Entrepreneur Association, initiator of Chinese post-90s youth entrepreneur community. Sunny was selected into Forbes China 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. He is also one of the founders of Chinese first angel-investment platform AngelCrunch with more than 10-year interdisciplinary experience of cross Internet entrepreneurship, investment, media, et al.