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CWV Mainnet Lock-in & Release Mechanism

CWV基金会 2019-12-16

Dear users:

We will start CWV mainnet mapping from December 21st, 2019. The mapping process will take approximate 48 hours. CWV will be back on December 23rd, 2019. You need to transfer the CWV tokens you are holding to the APP Crypto World so that your asset won’t be influenced by the mapping.

You can follow the instruction (click the link to read the whole instruction, to finish the transfer before 00:00, December 21th, 2019.

To make sure the transparency of the operation, CWV convened all the super nodes to vote on the proposal and came to the consensus that CWV will adopt lock-in & release mechanism to gradually give back your tokens after the mapping. You can withdraw or transaction your tokens once they are released. You will get certain interest base on your locked-in token during the lock-in.

The releasing schedule is as in below:

The lock-in & release will start when the mapping is finished. CWV will distribute tokens together with the interest in 4 phases.

Phase Period Daily Release Released Percentage
130 Days1 ‰3
260 Days2 ‰12
390 Days3 ‰27
4116 Days5 ‰58

The whole procedure will last 296 days with a total 20% interest.

Please contact CWV service team for more information if there’s any questions.